Fri, Jan 1, 2016 - 15K - 02:00:00
15K New Year's Run with Gisi, including 4K with 4,500 runners in Neujahrslauf
Gisi and I decided to start the year off on a running note, so arrived at Brandenburg Gate this morning at 11:45 AM just in time to get our starting numbers for the 2016 Neujahrslauf and ran 4K through Berlin Mitte with 4,500 other runners, the salient characteristic being that everyone was in a completely motivated, fresh and happy mood. This run is not a fast run, but a fun run and a way for people to make a statement on January 1st that they are going to make the new year a running year. After we finished, the lines were too long to get hot tea, a Neujahrs Pfannkuchen, or even our certificates, so we took off around the Tiergarten, and off to Berlin West, past KaDeWe and then down home to Steglitz, 15K in all, a nice winter's run, 13 weeks to our Berlin Half Marathon.