Sun, Jun 28, 2015 - 31K - 03:30:00
31K Sunny Run Through West Berlin
Got out the door about 13:00 with Gisi and we ran down the canal together to the Ullsteinhaus and back where Gisi turned off back home at Edenkobener Weg for a 7K run, not bad for her first run since the BIG 25 at the beginning of May, and I ran on into deep Lankwitz then out to Teltow, up Clayallee, Hohenzollerdamm and then turned at Ferhbelliner Platz south back home. The sun was wonderfully warm, not too hot but always bright in the sky with big, billowy, white clouds. I took it easy, enjoying the weather, listening to Dan Carlin talking to Sam Harris for two hours and stopped at gas stations three times to get much needed drinks along the way. 133 days to Athens.