Thu, Aug 27, 2020 - 10K - 01:10:52
14K Including Double IKEA 5Ks (24:27, 27:14) Plus 12-Minute 2.23 Kilometer Spring with Hannah
Hannah wanted to meet at 21:00 for our 5K race at IKEA since her schedule packed, BUT I checked the "civil twilight" for the day which was set at 20:44, i.e. the time after which it is too dark to engage in outdoor activities, so I asked if she could meet earlier and she said 20:30.  
I ran my first 5K very fast, the fastest this year, 24:27, and then ran a strong second 5k at 27:14. Hannah wanted to meet me, but had a flat tire on her bike, so arrived running quite late, in any case, after civil twilight had ended, so we decided we couldn't do our Priesterweg 5K.  
But Hannah is training for a 12-minute run for her Gymnasium fitness class where she has to run as far as she can in 12 minutes. So we ran towards home full speed and crossed 12 minutes at 2.23 kilometers. She wants to eventually get a 2.4, which is a "1" for the test, so we'll be practicing more.