Sat, Jan 23, 2021 - 12K - 01:10:00
12K Schöneberg Run with Gisi including IKEA 5K sprint (25:42)
It was cold and rainy but Gisi was gung-ho about going for a run today, so I just gave it a yes-let's and got ready. It was one of those runs that takes about 10 minutes to adjust to the pelting of light, cold rain on your face until your body warms up and then you don't notice it.  
The plan was to run to Priesterweg together, split up there, Gisi run our Schöneberg route up to Alfred-Lion-Steg then back down toward IKEA, and I turn right under the Priesterweg tunnels running to my starting line for an IKEA 5K sprint. My goal was to get under 26 minutes, I felt decent and kept a good pace throughout, three kilos lighter since Christmas.  
When I finished, Gisi was just running past from her extended loop up to Gleisdreieck, so we immediately joined up and ran home together up over Marienhöhe, missed an exit path there and ended up running a kind of "S" formation through it, but nice urban nature, then we took off to the Attilastraße entry into the path along the canal back home, a kind of fun, rugid cross country path along the water.