Sun, Mar 19, 2017 - 16K - 02:00:00
16K Cold and Wet Teltow Run with Gisi
Today was one of the least inviting days on which I have ever run: walking out on the balcony in a t-shirt to check the weather, I was immediately struck with freezing cold wind filled with large and cold drops of rain blowing around. But two weeks before our half marathon, it was mandatory to do a longer run today, so we donned the winter run gear and got out the door into cold, windy, drizzling rain weather, which lasted the full 16K down the to Teltow and back mostly along the canal. My hands never warmed up, and at 12K we bought a drink at a gas station, I had to ask a passing older woman if she could open if for us, since both of our hands were too cold to turn the top, which the woman kindly did for us. Two weeks till half marathon in Berlin and three weeks till marathon in Zurich.