Sun, Dec 13, 2015 - 26K - 03:00:00
26K Run to Reichstag and Back, Including 5K with the Green Runners
Hadn't run in two weeks so was glad when Björn invited me to do a 5K run with the Green Runners. I took off at 8:30 into a cool, lightly drizzling, and extremely windy morning and ran 11K to the Reichtag, crossing over the S-Bahn ring at Südkreuz and then via Potsdamer Platz fought a stiff head wind up to the Reichstag where I met the Green Runner group at which point we took off on a quick 5K loop together through the Tiergarten. When we made it back to the Reichstag, I took off on a 10K route straight home through some drizzly weather but with a nice back wind.