Sun, Mar 4, 2012 - 37K - 04:50:00
37K Stahnsdorf Loop Run Including 5K Family Run
This is the second weekend in row that our family ran more than a combined marathon. After deciding to go it only takes about 20 minutes and everyone's in their running suits, running shoes on, drinks and apples in running backpacks and we're out the door, nice. Weather was cool but definitely not winter anymore and this was the first run I've finished in daylight for months. Had a nice run with the family the first 5K, then took off down the Teltow Canal toward Teltow and beyond, realized that my brother Pete was running the Little Rock marathon today so sent him a good-luck SMS, he ended up getting a 04:08:00, a time I would really like to have! I took off out of Berlin and ended up going dipping further down into Brandenburg than planned and by the time I came up back ground Stahnsdorf and got back into Berlin, had already done 30K with another 7K to get home. Noticed a runner behind me tried to catch up so I tested what my legs could do and kept him at bay for 5K until I turned to go get a drink at a gas station. My wife said, "only guys do that when they run" but it helped me push my legs a bit, was glad to see I had energy in them at 33K. In all a nice run, could have been warmer, and I need to plan gas station stops when running through Brandenburg, got pretty dry-mouthed out there until I found the Shell station oasis. Listened to among others the last StackExchange podcast since Jeff is leaving, the end of an era, what an awesome project that was. Otherwise had Jason Jollins playing at the beginning and end as always, finished up to a beautiful moon and the last of daylight, a nice run. I've dropped from from 79 to 75 kilos in the last four months and still have 2 kilos that I don't want to take to Paris in April. 
Out for another crazy-long training run: 
Daughter #1 ready: 
Daughter #2 ready: 
family run over, off down the canal: 
matching grafitti: 
Animal Heaven Inc. 
A nice thing about running in Germany, when a sidewalk ends, you aren't just thrown out onto the highway to fend for your life amongst the speeding cars, but have a some nice, asphalt running/biking path running parallel: 
ran along highway construction route: 
found a path back into Stahnsdorf 
all paint: 
if you want to start a heated conversation out here, just say "airport": 
foot massages: 
Finished. The moon above home.