Sat, Oct 6, 2018 - 9K - 01:15:00
9K from Südkreuz home with Timed IKEA 5K (24:17)
Was on my way to pick up Gisi at the train station and needed to get a run in this weekend, so donned shorts and t-shirt on this almost summer-like day in October (20°C), and met her at the Hauptbahnhof, took a regional train to Südkreuz (an insider Berliner tip instead of going with the S-Bahn) sai good-bye at Südkreuz and took off for a 1K warm-up to my 5K IKEA loop. I was hoping to get under 23:45, and hit my Sachsendamm corner at 3:00 so a fast start but didn't have the energy to keep it up the speed, and started to fall further and further behind, finally finishing with a 24:17, losing my 3-time sub-24 streak. It was a wonderfully warm day to run though, and enjoyed the setting sun on the way home.