Sun, Oct 9, 2022 - 35K - 04:50:46
35K Golm to Spandau Run
Just got back from our mini-vacation in Zingst so got the next connection from Steglitz to Golm, but the S-Bahn was apparently too slow so asked at the information desk in Potsdam about a bus from Potsdam to Golm (as by-gone days) and he said that there would be one coming in about 15 minutes, so went out the busses and asked two young men if I was at the right bus for Golm, they said yes, we got into a conversation which lasted until Golm. Stayed in touch with Jonas who asks me questions about TypeScript now and then, very nice.  
The run up to north Potsdam was interesting, I had never been up that way and I really enjoyed the Volkspark. After it got dark it was more of a scary run than anything all the way to Kladow where I realized that the ferry had already departed. So I ran steady to Spandau which eventually got me to a car, which I drove home. So planned was 40K but I only ran 35, but still, pass the 30K limit and long enough to know that I will make it at the Bilbao Marathon.