Sun, Nov 30, 2014 - 21K - 02:50:00
21K Zero Degree Run, First 12K with Gisi
Gisi and I donned our running garb and got out about 14:00 today into a very cold zero-degree last day of November. It was a blast of cold, hands were freezing at 1 minute and didn't warm up again until 20 minutes of running at which point they were toasty warm. But you have to keep moving in these temperatures or your body will cool down again quickly. We ran along the canal down to the Ullsteinhaus in Mariendorf and then back up to Tempelhof to Priesterweg and back home. Our run together was 12 kilometers, I dropped Gisi off at home and took off for another 9K down the canal the other way for a total of 21K today, legs are a bit sore, but any run over 20K in the winter is a good run.