Sun, Dec 22, 2013 - 21K - 02:20:00
21K Kreuzberg Run
Took Karla to a birthday party in Marienfelde, then took off from there out to Hermannstr. and up through the center of Kreuzberg, deflecting left along Reichenbergerstr./Ritterstr. into Mitte where I attained one of the ultimate goals of my runs: to experience "vuja-de", that feeling that you have never been in a place before, actually lost my north-south-east-west orientation but suddenly read a sign "Kochstr." which got me to Wilhelmstr. which turns into Mehringdamm, then Tempelhoferdamm, and voila, I was in familiar territory again heading south along the former airport, then made my way back through the quaint Fliegerviertel to Südkreuz and back home. Nice running weather, I wouldn't call it "winter" yet at all, but nice to do a half marathon length again, need to up the kilometers a bit in the coming weeks: 90 days to race day in Rome. 
Ran the marathon route for a kilometer: