Sun, Jul 31, 2022 - 11K - 02:45:00
22K Farewell-to-Schwagstorf run
Spent a week in Schwagtorf in the Warksmoorstr. as a kind of a farewell to the house we spend so many Christmases and summers in with the kids. This 22K I ran was also a farewell run around Osnabrücker Land, I ran the more accurate Kirchenweg that Opa took back in the 30s to go to church in Ostercappeln, something I had run before but followed the roads. This path made more sense as it is a straight line which passes the Von Bar mansion.  
I eventually made it to the canal at about 8K and then had 6K down the canal to near Bad Essen, then took the road back up to Bohmte, after that steering away from the Gülle fields and so covered some unfamiliar territory along Diepenauer Weg. 
It was a nice way to say goodbye to Schwagtorf and that area.