Sun, Feb 14, 2016 - 11K - 01:30:00
11K Valentine's Day Run
It was a drizzly and cold afternoon getting later and later, the sun threatening to go down in just a few hours, and Gisi and I had zero desire to go run, so I grabbed my smart phone, found a DriveNow car a block away, clicked "reserve" and said, "We have 15 minutes to be in the car" which was the incentive we needed to get our running stuff on and take off out the door. After driving the car to our self-designated starting line, we stepped out of the warm and toasty Mini Cooper into the drizzly and 2° weather. Starting our run, however, we realized this was going to be a Valentine's Day run which made it about 1° warmer. We wanted to make it a fast 10K but took a wrong turn on Dohnenstieg running through a sleepy neighborhood in Dahlem, and so added an extra kilometer. It was actually quite nice weather to run in after you got used to running through very light drizzle. We took a number of smaller roads so saw some areas of Dahlem we hadn't seen before. Berlin Half Marathon in 7 weeks.