Thu, Jul 14, 2022 - 16K - 00:27:18
16K Run to Tiergarten with timed 5K (28:19) and 2K warm-down with DCI run club
This was our first DCI Run Club meetup, Shinhee, two students and I. We started in waves, Mehmet first since he hadn't run in 3 years and would do about a 35:00, I predicted a 29:00 since I had run 9K to get there, and the fast runners Dennis and Shinhee started 3 minutes after I did. I over-estimated the simplicity of the route, I was the only one who actually arrived at the finish line, through calls and messages found out that the others were making their way back through the park to the starting line where Dennis nicely had 4 Becks Beers waiting for us.  
Nice conversation with everyone afterwards in which we half-planned to do our next run in the Grunewald, maybe to see Nico's grave back in the 60s one of Andy Warhol's glamor girls and lead singer of Velvet Underground.  
So my kilometers were 9K + 5K + 2K = 16K, should probably keep up a 20K-30K run a week soon, less than 100 days till Bilbao now.