Sun, Feb 9, 2014 - 33K - 03:30:00
33K Winter-Sun/Winter-Moon Run with Two Timed 5Ks
Gisi and I got out the door about 3:00 PM, still lots of sun, and ran down Münsterdamm to Vorarlbergstr. where I ran on and Gisi turned back home to go run with Hannah. Gisi ended up doing a 10K, Hannah a 4K, and I ran on for a 33K, so our family clocked more than a marathon today. Today also begins Hannah's training for the 10K Frauenlauf in May where Hannah (personal best 01:01:14) is determined to win back the family women's 10K crown from Gisi (personal best 01:00:27). I can't wait to watch the finish of this this race pitting youth against experience! In any case, while Gisi and Hannah were running, I did my first 5K of the day on my IKEA loop, a slower 25:23 than usual, and then took off through the Manteufel tunnel up to Potsdamer Platz, where I saw many people walking around with special access ID cards hanging from their necks for the Berlinale. At the Brandenburg Gate I took off on my second 5K, a slow 28:19 but ran steady, and when I finished, it was dark. I then took off through the night back home, reminding me of the so many dozens of runs I used to do after work through a dark Berlin. It was good to get a 30K+ run in six weeks before the Rome Marathon.