Past Marathon Sites

These are past running blogs I have kept throughout the years with the dual purpose of dogfooding the current version of my Datapod framework as well as recording pictures and memories of my runs.

My brother Pete and turned 40 and 50 in 2006 and commemorated our birthdays with marathons. This was our training blog.
This was the year I got my second fastest marathon time, lots of pictures of training runs through Berlin.
In 2008, I trained for the Hannover marathon in May and the Berlin marathon in September which I ran with my brother Pete, lots of pictures.
Some of my best recorded runs including the Hamburg marathon in spring, my run to Arnold Schwarzenegger's home town in Austria, my beautiful early morning run along the Thames river in Oxford, England, and my run to Hegel's grave in Berlin.
This was my running blog for my spring training in 2010 as I trained for the marathon in Regensburg in April.
This was my running blog for my spring training in 2011 in Vienna that I did with my brother Pete. Most runs were after-work night runs home through Brandenburg Gate, lots of cool night pictures of freezing Berlin nights lit up in lights.