Sun, Jan 8, 2012 - 17K - 01:55:00
Quick 17K Sunday Run
Not much time this Sunday so went for a two-hour run, together with Gisela for the first 3K down the canal, then she turned off and I continued on to Teltowerdamm, up to Zehlendorf and back to Rathaus Steglitz, ran steady and hard, last 3K really truckin, no leg pain on next day, nice run. Listened to a good Hanselman podcast interviewing a 26-year-old Fortran programmer, interesting to see how that language has actually been developed since the 70s (there was a 2009 release) and how it has performance gains over .NET languages when crunching numbers, and how it is used so widely still in certain sectors. Otherwise, listened to Jason Jollins to start out and end off the run. 
Gisela took off at 3K 
refreshing run: