Sun, Oct 13, 2013 - 10K - 01:00:27
Ran the ASICS GRAND 10K together with Gisi today in which she ran both her personal best 10K (01:00:27) and her first sub-30-minute 5K at the half way point (00:29:41). She also won back the family women's 10K record from Hannah who broke the record last week with a 01:01:14. I ran around as Gisi's water boy during the race, providing drink, gels, and encouragement. We were still under sub-1-hour pace at 5K but the next kilometer through the zoo slowed us down to 10 seconds over time at 6K, but Gisi held the next three kilometers strong losing only about 10 seconds per kilometer and then pouring it on at 9K to gain some back, a very strong race. A special treat was out of the thousands of runners, our friend Frank passed us at 9K, gave us some encouragement, and we followed him down the final stretch into the finish line. Wonderful weather and a fun race! 
Here Gisi broke her 5K record, getting under 30 minutes for the first time with a 00:29:41: 
into the zoo: 
Out of the thousands of runners, our friend Frank happened to pass us at 9K, gave us that needed bit of encouragement, then waited for us in the finish line, very cool: