Sun, Mar 12, 2017 - 30K - 04:00:00
30K Run From Frohnau to Steglitz
Needed to get a 30K run in this month now with less than a month to the Zurich Marathon, so took the S1 S-Bahn north to the end station at Frohnau and ran back down through quite new territory for me: Hermsdorf, Wilhelmsruh, Wittenau, Reinickendorf, then into Wedding and Mitte which was more familiar. It's always fascinating to see how the milieu of the city slowly changes as you run from one section and neighborhood to the next. I made it into Tempelhof by late dusk and was home before it was completely dark. During my run, Gisi took off on a 15K run down to Teltow and back. Our two running routes lined up and made a cut right through the middle of Berlin, very cool. Berlin Half Marathon in three weeks.