Mon, Nov 11, 2013 - 20K - 02:30:00
Zehlendorf 20K
After a three-week break, I began my winter training for the Rome Marathon which is in 132 short days. Felt sluggish out there, I would say taking a 3-week break is pretty much maximum if you don't want to spend inordinate time getting back into shape. Gisela was taking a class at a Volkshochschule in Zehlendorf so tried to time my run to meet her on her break but, alas, the timing was not there so we exchanged SMS messages as I ran past the building. This was the first run this fall with my full running suit on, would have been too cold for shorts. Also ran down the canal where this morning they ran the Teltow half marathon so saw all the bright markings on the tree roots in the path and motivating "GOOO!" spray-painted on the running path. In any case, nice to get cool, fresh air running through my lungs again for a couple hours.