Sun, Jun 26, 2016 - 49K - 06:00:00
49K Mega-Run to Marzahn and Back
My daughter said she had a street ball tournament today, so I told her that for my training run today, I would run out to see her play in her tournament, without first asking where it was. It turned out to be in Marzahn, which is probably almost the farthest away you can get from where we live and still be in Berlin. I roughly measured the trek out there and figured that a there-and-back loop would be approximately 42K, or the length of a marathon, and since I need to start my mega training runs this summer anyway at some point, I decided to do it. It turned out that by the time I arrived at her street ball tournament in north-east Marzahn, I had already covered 30K, and after watching my daughter play one game, I took off back home. Even though I ran easy, or as we used to call it in high school cross country practice, "do an LSD run" i.e. "Long Slow Distance", by the time I passed Potsdamer Platz, my legs were quite hammered, and it was getting late and I had to make it back home in time for the German-Slovakia match. So I hopped in a Car2Go and zipped the rest of the way home in about 10 minutes. In hindsight, I'm glad I got in a mega-run so early in the training season: three months till the Warsaw Marathon.