Wed, Dec 30, 2020 - 10K - 00:26:04
Frosty 5K IKEA morning sprint with Hannah (26:04 / 33:54)
For our last run of the year, Hannah and I got up 8:00 on December 30th and took off out the door into -3°C weather, clear early morning sky and nice views of early, horizontal sun rays, but very frosty.  
I did the warm-up run to the start while Hannah rode her bike. After locking up her bike, we got to the start as quickly as possible to get running since it was so cold. It was the kind of run where your hands never really get warm except after a couple kilometers of hard running. These were our record slowest times of the year on this course, mostly because of the freezing cold and some patches of ice where there is often shade, but the proactive morning run was representative of our year of running, doing a 10K+ race every month despite the Covid lockdowns, including Hannah's longest run ever in February, the 23K in Lyon, France, and the two official runs we did in September and October when the Covid restrictions were relaxed.  
In 2021, we plan to start increasing our runs doing some longer and longer LSDs (long slow distance) to get Hannah into the marathon-training range by the end of the year, the plan is for us to run our first marathon together in September 2022.