Sun, Aug 28, 2016 - 10K - 05:00:00
Personal Triathlon: 10K Run / 21K Bike / 1K Swim
Haven't run for two weeks since triggering my pulled hamstring again two weeks ago at 8K during my 12K run in Strasbourg, and since the Warsaw Marathon is coming up in four weeks now, I needed to get some training in if I am going to hope to complete it. So put together a personal triathlon training today in which I ran an easy 10K first. My hamstring was tight the whole way, but I got into a kind of creative limp which enabled it to remain constant and at the end of the 10K felt that I would have been able to go further, a good sign. After the run, I did a round of stretching, then set off for a 21K bike ride out of Berlin, pedaling hard on the vast straight-aways through Brandenburg, which didn't effect my hamstring whatsoever. After the bike leg, another round of stretching, and off to the pool for a 40 laps, which also didn't affect my hamstring at all. I think that was the first triathlon I have done in my life, fun! Perhaps next week I'll do another one, extending the distance on each a bit to get some more training in to increase the chance that I will actually come through the finish line in Warsaw, we'll see.