Thu, May 21, 2020 - 21K - 02:20:00
3x IKEA 5K Speed Runs (25:11, 27:25, 28:35), 1x with Hannah (28:43)
I had Thursday off (Christi Himmelfahrt) which was a warm day and so decided to run my three 5K sprints as late as possible and Hannah agreed to join me for the third sprint. I got to the starting line for my first 5K sprint at 19:30, completed two (25:11, 27:25) and so was not looking good to beat Hannah on the third round.  
Finishing my second sprint, Hannah nicely handed me a bottle of water which I completely enjoyed. Afterward, we walked together to the starting line of my 3rd 5K and Hannah's 1st 5K. She took off ahead as always, and I tried to keep her in view, legs not being able to run any faster at the beginning of the third round.  
On Priesterweg where I passed her last time, she was pumping her arms so strong there was no chance of catching her so I just tried to stay in view distance. After 19:00 at the turn into Wieher Lindenhof, I started closing in on her, but it wasn't until the final Bessemerstraße stretch that I was able to catch and overtake her about 200 meters before the finish. 
But I noticed Hannah is getting faster and faster on each of these runs, and so I'm going to have to do something to stay ahead of her on my third 5K round, perhaps do some strength workouts like she does, or lose some weight. In any case, our next showdown will be decisive, I have the feeling.