Tue, Oct 6, 2020 - 10K - 00:24:01
Fast evening IKEA 5K with Hannah (24:01 / 28:13)
Hannah wrote me about noon asking if I wanted to do a speed-5K after work, an offer I couldn't refuse. After looking up Berlin civil dusk for the day which was 18:59, I got off from work a bit early and hurried home. We got on our running clothes, took off on our bikes, and arrived at the starting line with only 14 minutes till the day's descent into night. I gave Hannah a four minute lead then took off, running into the Priesterweg trees a bit past darkness and flipping on my smartphone flashlight for a guide.  
The run was cool and fast, I sighted and and passed Hannah on Bessemerstraße and then ran it in for a 24:01, Hannah also clocking a fast time at 28:13, within a minute of her fastest 5K time.