Sat, May 14, 2022 - 30K - 03:57:58
30K Potsdam to Steglitz Run, last 5K with Hannah
Wanted to get in a longer run for our DCI webdev team in the May/June running challenge, and after having done a few half-marathons was feeling up for 30K. Hannah said she would like to join me for a 5K so planned a route from Potsdam to Steglitz where at 25K I would be running through the tunnel at Lichterfelde West S-Bahnhof and she would join me.  
We executed that plan almost to the minute. She had been waiting for me for four minutes when I ran down the steps and she joined me for the last 5K back home.  
The run from the Glienecke Brücke to Wannsee was beautiful, lots of bikes racing through the forest paths and stayed along the waterfront with views of sailboats out on Wannsee, etc. 
After 25K my legs started to break down and Hannah stayed ahead of me most of way home. A marathon was not in my legs today, but good to feel what a 30K is like again. Hope to keep a mega-run like this in my weekly line up toward my fall marathon, whatever it turns out to be.