Sat, Jul 21, 2018 - 5K - 00:35:00
Dual 5K Timed IKEA Loop: Eddie (25:33), Hannah (35:00)
I said I was going to go do my timed 5K loop today and Hannah said she wanted to go. It was still quite hot at noon, so we decided to go at 16:00. She wasn't too keen on doing my usual 3K warmup run from home to the starting line, so we got a DriveNow and drove to behind IKEA.  
After getting our watches and headphones all set up, I started the stop watches, both on my arm, and we took off, she behind me all the way through IKEA, the last I saw her was looking back before going under the IKEA tunnel at 2 minutes, but Hannah said she could still see me going down the long stretch at Priester Weg at 7 minutes.  
It was a warm and muggy afternoon, which really hit around 3 kilometers. I hadn't run a timed run since July 3rd when I ironically run the exact same time 25:33 in the Tiergarten.  
I need to do a couple runs home from work plus some weekends for a couple weeks if I want to get my times down in to the 24s and 23s again, a speed at which it is more fun to run these 5Ks.  
Hannah said she felt the heat quite a bit but just ran her 10K pace. Afterwards we got some big drinks at the gas station on Bessemerstr., hopped in a DriveNow and drove home with the car windows down, a hot afternoon.