Mon, Apr 2, 2018 - 30K - 03:35:00
30K to Zehlendorf Run with Gisi (18K), Including Timed 5K (23:44)
Skipped breakfast and took off right after lunch to my IKEA 5K loop, started off fast enough, hit my 3-minute corner right on time, but by 8 minutes I was getting behind, simply didn't have the energy and lunch hadn't digested yet. Eat-and-run is definitely something to avoid if you are going for speed. So no top-ten score today (currently anything under 23:27). 
But the best part of the run was after I got back from my 12K out to IKEA and back, I picked up Gisi and we trucked off on a scenic urban run through Licherfelde and Dahlem streets and parks for an 18K loop, which gave me a total 30K.  
Even though the temperature was only 8°C maximum and I had to wear my running jacket, it was the first day that one can no longer deny spring: flowers are definitely upon us, the air is not icy anymore, and all ponds and lakes are thawed. I'll probably do one or two more mega runs like this before the Nantes Marathon in 20 days, hopefully in short pants and a t-shirt for the first time this year.