Tue, Sep 22, 2020 - 10K - 00:24:36
Two fast evening IKEA 5Ks with Hannah (24:36 / 28:31)
I had the idea in the middle of the day today at work to run a 5K timed training run at IKEA, but hadn't brought my running clothes to work with me, so would have to come home first to change, and we would have to be finished by 19:38 which was official civil dusk today. I wrote Hannah to see if she would be up for this, us riding our bikes to the starting line, running, and then riding our bikes back after the run.  
Hannah said yes, I got home at 18:20, we were dressed in running clothes and on our bikes by 18:45 and on our way to the starting line.  
Based on our most recent 5K times, I expected to run a 25:00 and Hannah a 29:20, so at the starting line, I let Hannah take off, then waiting 4 minutes and 20 minutes before taking off myself to try to catch her before she got to the finish line.  
I didn't see her until turning onto Röblingstraße when I caught a glance of her--like a deer--disappearing to the right at the end of the road. By the time I caught up to that point, I spotted her again on Eythstraße running off left onto the sidewalk.  
I pursued her at a steady speed, and by the time I started down Bessemerstraße, I could see her up ahead as a target to catch, me closing in.  
But alas, while I closed the gap mightily, she finally crossed the finish line about ten meters in front of me, both of us getting very decent times, me a 24:36, and Hannah a 28:31, within a minute of her fastest this year in January.