Wed, Jan 27, 2021 - 20K - 02:30:00
20K Wuhlheide-to-Steglitz run with Hannah
So, this month Hannah and I both quasi started our 2021 marathon training. My plan is to get to marathon fitness by April and then keep an eye out for a post-lockdown marathon happening, quickly sign up for it, and run it.  
Hannah's plan is to run the Berlin Marathon in September 2022 when she is 18. So we are increasing our monthly runs from 10K-15K to increasingly more. I had run an 18K Wuhlheide to Steglitz a few weeks ago and found a nice, long forest path through Königsheide and Hannah was for it, so we drove out with a Car2Go to a small home-zone enclave about 2K away from where I started, which made it an even 20K run back to Steglitz. 
Hannah had absolutely no problem staying a little above my marathon pace. We did an average of a 7:30 pace the whole way, which would have been about a 2:40:00 half marathon, not bad for a training run with stop lights, etc. So the challenge of the next months is to find Corona-bedingt solo routes of 20+ kilometers until they start up races again. I hope they do the 25K Berlin Run in May this year. In any case, our February run will probably be a former Berlin wall border run, I imagine, need to map it out soon.