Mon, Sep 9, 2013 - 10K - 01:19:00
10K Family Training Run in Brandenburg
Since our 10K Bremen race is coming up in one month, and since Karla is running a 4K race at her school soon, we decided to run the route at her school roughly three times for a family 10K. We took the bus there, weather was perfect, and set off on the first loop of three, Hannah and I quickly breaking off in a group and Karla and Gisi remaining together behind us. The loop took us through the expansiveness of Brandenburg as well as a fun wooded run. After three loops around an expansive Brandenburg field, Hannah and I finished with a 01:19:00 and Gisi and Karla with a 01:28:00. We'll do some more training runs before the race next month, then look forward to giving it our best in Bremen. 
VIDEO: Hannah and I running cross country through the woods: