Sat, Feb 3, 2018 - 21K - 02:45:00
21K Personal Half Marathon with Two Timed 5Ks
I had to take my daughter to the train station this morning for her 8:30 train, so donned my running clothes for a long run during which I ran both of my timed 5K routes on the way home: Tiergarten and IKEA. Walking outside, the 2°C air immediately blew through my running pants and I knew it was going to be a cold run. After I saw my daughter off, I ran out of the train station into light, sprinkling, freezing rain, but made it to my first 5K starting line at Brandenburger Tor.  
I'm coming off a two week head-cold and so was not expecting a record time today, but my first 5K was a respectable 24:28 given the circumstances. Then it was on down through Schöneberg to my next 5K starting line at IKEA. I had noticeably less energy for this second 5K but the extreme cold was refreshing actually, not a lot of wind, and I kept my second 5K time under 26 minutes. In all a nice half marathon, hoping for warmer weather soon where I can get my 5K times down into the 23s again, 76 days to the Nantes Marathon.