Sun, May 22, 2022 - 5K - 00:38:25
5K Tegel Jedermannlauf with Hannah
Hannah said she had time for a 5K this weekend so found one of these small Verein runs in the Tegeler Forst, I think our third one, always lots of fresh air and trees. Weather was good for running, a bit cool but didn't need a jacket while waiting for the race to start, and nice, soft forest running paths. The race is well organized, can recommend, lots of little kids running that apparently are in the Verein, and they had a 5K and then the main 10K race which started ten minutes after us.  
Afterwards, Hannah and I went to Tegeler See to continue our tradition of having an after-run Schnitzel and Apfelschorle, this time in the Tegeler Seeterrassen, can recommend on a nice day, has a beautiful view of the lake.