Sun, Feb 11, 2018 - 29K - 03:30:00
29K Run to Europarc Dreilinden and Back
Since I have a job interview at a company in Europarc Dreilinden tomorrow, I decided to do a long run out there and back today, which makes sense since the Nantes Marathon is now two months away and I need to start getting in some 30-40K training runs.  
I got out the door into 2°C drizzly snow-rain, and I took off down the Teltow Canal, turned up at Wismarstraße, then out through Zehlendorf and onto the long Berlepschstraße, which turned into a forest path as it crossed over the former Berlin Wall into Brandenburg and Kleinmachnow, then along the Autobahn sound-barrier wall for awhile until I got to the Stansdorferdamm overpass to Europarc Dreilinden.  
The Europarc looks just like it did five years ago when I ran out here: unfinished and deserted, a kind of Silicon Valley ghost town, at least that's how it felt on a cold, wintery Sunday afternoon. Arriving at RA-Micro at 15K, took a selfie in the reflection of the corporate office window, and then took off for the 14K return trip via Stansdorf and Teltow.  
My hands were freezing at that point, so much that I could barely get the package of nuts and raisins open that I brought along for running food. But the snow-rain stopped by the time I reached the Teltow Canal again, and my hands warmed up again. In any case, I'm tired of winter running. As far as I am concerned, spring can start next week.