Sat, Aug 31, 2019 - 9K - 01:00:00
9K with 5K-Timed-IKEA-Run (25:44)
Hannah was off to a birthday party around 14:00 and needed help carrying a huge boxed present in the bus, so I saw this as my opportunity to go for a run, donned my gear and helped her carry her big box in the bus to Innsbrucker Platz where I took off to the starting line of my timed 5K loop at IKEA. When I had looked out the window earlier to see if it was a nice day to run, the sun must have been behind the clouds, because by the time I got to the starting line, the sun was shining bright and heavy at 32°C and by the time I finished, it was 33°C. I started out strong and by 1K, I was actually only 15 seconds behind my faster times (6:15 at the Priesterweg trash can), but 10 minutes of sun beating down on my head along wide-open Priesterweg sapped my energy and I ended up with another slow time of 25:44. I plan to start running 2x a week and the Lankwitz swimming pool is open again for Friday swims, and combined with hopefully cooler temperatures, hope to get my 5K times back down for the winter season.