Tue, Oct 22, 2019 - 13K - 02:00:19
13K Run Home from Work with Tiergarten 5K (24:41)
I wanted to get a quick 5K+ run in Tuesday tonight, so took the S-Bahn to Brandenburger Tor for my start at the corner of the Tiergarten there. But when I arrived, I realized I had forgotten my headphones, so quickly googlemapped a Saturn store, ran down to Potsdamer Platz, bought some headphones, and was at my starting line within 20 minutes and ready to go, the advantages of urban running.  
This was my ninth timed 5K since resuming winter training for the Rotterdam Marathon in April 2020, the first three 5Ks in September were in the 25s, and since then I've been fighting to get out of the 24s back down into the 23s as I was earlier this year up to May, but I just can't get moving fast enough. I remember sub-24 runs feel like a different kind of running with more power and less weight, not these sluggish runs I've been doing lately.  
But this week I got down from 80 to 79 kilos with interval fasting, and Friday evening I did 40 laps at the pool (1 kilometer) and told Hannah I want to join her in her Sascha Huber trainings again. She said she found another YouTube trainer as well, so need to take advantage of her workout momentum. 
I'm writing this on Sunday and will probably go for a 5K IKEA run this afternoon, ideal weather, so we'll see if I can break into the sub-24 again today.