Sun, Jan 10, 2021 - 18K - 02:10:00
18K From Wuhlheide to Steglitz
Planning for Hannah's and my 35th consecutive 10K+ monthly run for January 2021, I figured it would be a good time to start training for her first marathon she wants to do when she is 18, now just 21 short months away, so decided to get into some LSD (Long Slow Distance) for the coming months.  
I mapped out a longer run, an 18K from Wuhlheide where she is currently doing a fitness trainer Ausbildung, and from there     all the way home. I wanted to run it by myself first so that I know all the right turns and pathways, as it traverses Königsheide up to Baumschulenstraße which is a lot of quasi wilderness. It turned out to be a very fun run up to Baumschulenstraße, after that it's basically one long street (appropriately named Gradestraße) through Britz up to the Ullsteinhaus, and then along the canal all the way back home. 
We'll probably do this run together the last week in January, looking forward to it again, and bought a power bank for my smart phone for these longer runs which run down the battery because my GPS is on.