Tue, May 24, 2022 - 21K - 02:07:54
21K Teltow-Lichterfelde After-Work Half Marathon, counter-clockwise (02:23:15)
After work I saw that I had fallen to 4th place in amount of kilometers covered since May 1st, was 19 kilometers behind the lead person, so decided to run a half-marathon after work, got out the door about 17:20 and was back by 19:45, had a good 5K time but dropped from there. Have to remember that I carry a 3-kilo water pack on my back so I think an official time would be significantly better. Really nice weather, cool and afternoon sunny.  
5K = 00:29:15  
10K = 01:02:02  
15K = 01:39:55  
20K = 02:15:01  
21K = 02:23:15