Sun, May 7, 2017 - 28K - 03:00:00
28K Run: Timed 5K (24:55) Following Karla on Bike, Last 15K with Gisi
Took off at 14:00 this afternoon for the 4K warm up run out to my 5K IKEA loop, following Karla on her bike who had said she wanted to pace me to see if I could beat my 24:45 record. It was wonderful to have a pacer the whole way, but the sun was a bit warm and that saps my energy, but was still able to get within 10 seconds of my fastest 5K time this year. After the 4K run home, I was at 13K, got a drink, then took off again with Gisi for a 15K run down to Teltow and back, legs a bit hammered from the fast 5K, so it was good workout. It's nice to run in warm weather again.