Sun, Feb 5, 2012 - 30K - 03:45:00
30K Icy Sunday Winter Run Across Großziethen Crossing
I've been thinking about doing a run through Großziethen for awhile, a little town in Brandenburg surrounded by Berlin on three sides. To do it from my house it turns out to be 30K so it was a perfect route. It was a cold run today, had to do a lot of "warmth management", it took a good 25 minutes to get my hands and face warm just through hard running, but even a 45-second stop light would drop my body temperature significantly so it would take 5-10 minutes of hard running to become warm again. Listened to a good podcast on Twine, a little piece of hardware that has various sensors (moisture, heat, vibration, magnets) along with a WiFi connection so that you can "extend your programming to the real world" handling events when doors open, the washing machine stops, or a mouse trap snaps. Listened to another good podcast on how to use gaming theory to create better applications and websites. By this time I was more than half-way across the Großziethen crossing so put in Jason Jollins and keep running hard to stay warm through the Freizeitpark Marienfelde then up the long Malteserstr. toward home. During the last half hour my chin became numb, couldn't feel the collar of my jacket rubbing against it, was really glad to take the last turn toward a warm home and glad to have another long, winter run under my belt. 
Today's route, cutting across the "Großziethen crossing" on the south of Berlin: 
Großziethen is a tiny town founded in 1300 and formerly in the GDR with West Berlin bordering on the east, west and north: 
bought a Müsli Riegel at the bakery this morning, cut it up and put it in my running backpack: 
today's winter run wasn't as green as the above satellite photos: -8°C (17°F) at the start: 
ready for the cold blast: 
snowy sidewalks the whole way: 
Großziethen to the right: 
running out of Berlin: 
running into Brandenburg: 
VIDEO: running across the Großziethen crossing, the middle of icy nowhere: 
Karl Marx still a hero out here: 
half-way across, 2 kilometers to Berlin: 
coming back into town: 
into Freizeitpark Marienfelde: 
stopped to talk to the cold park sheep for a couple seconds: 
walk on snow and ice at your own risk: 
one more snowy 5K to go: 
around corner is warm home and the 30K finish line: