Sun, May 8, 2016 - 33K - 03:50:38
33K Run From Mitte to Steglitz Around Tegel Airport
Rode on the S-Bahn with a friend going to the train station and so started my run from Friedrichstr. S-Bahnhof at about 14:00 on a beautiful sunny day. Took off north and followed Müllerstr. all the way up through Wedding, then up and around Tegel airport where I stood at the end of the west runway and watched planes roar in for awhile, then took off straight down through Westend, zigzagged my way through the cafe-lined streets of Charlottenburg down to Bundesplatz, discovering along the way the Thai Market where dozens of Thai families sit on the grass and cook plates of Thai food that you can buy. From there, made my way on somewhat sore legs home to Steglitz. The blue sky, white billowy clouds, and warm sun made it one of the nicest runs weather-wise of all time. My last three runs were 28K, 32K and today 33K, so good to get some near-marathon-length runs in to start the summer training season for the Warsaw Marathon in September.