Tue, Jun 7, 2022 - 21K - 02:23:35
21K After-Work Teltow-Lichterfelde Half Marathon clockwise (02:23:35)
Trying to stay up with the total mileage of three women in my company running challenge, currently 4th place, I saw that I had enough time to run an after-work half-marathon which is right at 3 hours with preparation and after-run shower, etc. With my 3 kilos of water on my back I run a very consistent two-twenty-something half marathons. It's relaxing to have no surprises on now familiar trail and can just lose myself in my house music beats (Jakob's set) and then at the end the 30-second fitness training repetition Fit-Mix music. It's a good workout, I was quite hammered afterwards but feel better the next day (today) will probably run tomorrow again, so nice to see I can recover from long runs so fast now. Was under 80 kilos again after the run, also a nice sign. However, after 21K still in fourth place in the company run on. Potsdam half marathon is Sunday, might do it again, always fun running past the castles. 
5K = 00:30:35 
10K = 01:04:11 
15K = 01:40:32 
21K = 02:23:35