Thu, Nov 21, 2019 - 13K - 01:30:00
13K After-Work Run with Timed Tiergarten 5K (24:07)
Thursday after work, I took the S-Bahn again to Brandenburg Gate to have fresh legs for another try at getting my 5K time down under 24 minutes. I started off at a slower pace, around 10 minutes was a good 10 seconds behind last run's time, but despite the very rainy weather and the poorly lit back-half of the 5K route with large, hidden puddles to suddenly land in, during the last kilometer I was able to push my pace faster, and got within 2 seconds of last time. My weight is also down to a constant 77 kilos, compared to 80 in October, so that's less weight to carry along, very nice. 
The run home after that was extremely wet, puddles everywhere but not that cold.