Sun, Jan 6, 2019 - 16K - 01:30:00
16K Tempelhof-Mariendorf-Lankwitz Run with Timed 5K (23:29)
Hannah and I have been doing our 2019 run/swim/HIIT/stretch workout program every day since the beginning of the new year and I don't think there has been a day yet this year on which some of my muscles were not hurting, especially from Sascha Huber's YouTube workouts, but yesterday was a stretch day and this morning most muscles felt quite revived, so I did a 5K timed run with a 3K warm-up and an 8K warm-down.  
On my 5K timed run, I ran slower at the beginning than last run, but was able to sustain speed quite well until the end, which I'll attribute to my workouts. Rounding the last Bessemerstraße corner, I saw that I had a chance to get in my top ten scores (have to beat 23:27) but my lungs just didn't have enough to deliver and I missed my top ten by two seconds. I suspect if Hannah and I continue our workouts, and since Gisi and I have a weekly power-gymnastic course starting next week, I'll be able to get into my top ten 5K scores again sometime before the Sevilla Marathon, 42 more days.