Sun, Sep 18, 2022 - 34K - 04:20:46
34K Spandau to Steglitz including last 10K with Hannah
This Saturday/Sunday Gisi and I were invited to a wedding in Paderborn which made me realize I would have no time to do my 34K training run scheduled for this weekend. But if you are going to stay up on your marathon training plan, you have to be creative.  
I noticed on our return trip train tickets that we would be making a stop in Spandau where I could get out of the train and run home. I told Hannah about the idea and she said she would meet me for the last 10K so I used Google Earth to find a 34K route through Spandau, across Eiswerder Island, up and around Tegel Airport then down through Reinickendorf, Wedding and into Mitte to meet Hannah at Brandenburg Gate at 24K, then run with her the last 10K home down through Park am Gleisdreieck and Priesterweg, very green.  
The run went exactly as planned, I took off from Spandau at 13:00, met Hannah in the Tiergarten about 16:20, symbolically where next week's Berlin Marathon will finish, and we had kept a decent pace all the way home, Hannah clocked it at 01:13:00, not bad. At the end of 34K, I was still running strong and in form, a good sign. Just four more weeks to train: 36K, 38K, 40K, then the Great 10K speed run, after which it's off to Bordeaux/Bilbao for the marathon trip.