Sun, Dec 25, 2011 - 35K - 05:40:00
5 Christmas Tiergarten 5Ks plus 10K
After taking the family to the train station I took off to run five 5Ks around Tiergarten ,with a 1K warm up and a 9K warm down back home. My goal was to run five 5Ks each under 30 minutes, but legs broke at end of fourth 5K as the results show: 
24:01 - 1st 5K 
27:12 - 2nd 5K 
28:14 - 3rd 5K 
31:09 - 4th 5K 
38:54 - 5th 5K 
Had a wonderful line up of podcasts, first a good Scott Hanselman podcast about the HTML5 framework Kendu looks extensive and based on jQuery, then a good podcast by always enjoyable Javascript guru Douglas Crawford, an awesome podcast with eloquent Robert Stephens from Geek Squad fame and CTO at Best Buy about how everything moving to services, and a long 2-hour podcast on how the Apollo program worked technically, amazing how they used on their knowledge of mathematics and geometry and about 100 simple computer programs hard-wired into the hardware. 
Again, legs feel worked out but don't hurt inordinately, nice feeling, 111 days to Paris Marathon. 
train took off, I took off 
not inviting running weather 
where Frau Merkel works 
memorial to all those killed trying to escape the GDR 
starting line for first 5K 
after second 5K, nice snack, had bought these at the train station 
third 5K 
the rain cleared up a bit at end of third 5K, nice 
before 5th 5K had to go get some water, one tourist kiosk open on Christmas 
starting line for last 5K 
started 9K run home 
got two more drinks on way home, nice to find the gas stations 
Titania Palast, hidden history, used by the Americans after the war