Sat, Mar 9, 2013 - 30K - 03:00:00
30K Run with First Timed 5K of the Year
I did a 5K warm-up, then a 5K sprint (24:55), then a 5K warm-down back home where I met Gisi and we did a 15K together. My legs were knocked down so staying up with Gisi was just right, although she told me, "It would be nice if you only ran 10K before our run so you would be a little bit faster". Weather-wise it wasn't a fun day to run: very cold (0°C), wet, and the last 15K it snowed, also very grey and cloudy. Another proactive spring run. 
My 5K sprint starting line: 
5K finished (24:45) 
back through the Saturday shoppers: 
Start of 15K with Gisi: 
Saturday, 15:00, weather kept everyone inside, this stretch is usually filled with walkers: 
These were the killer steps on our 14K / 21K last November: 
Icy snow in the air began to take its wet effect: