Sun, Sep 15, 2013 - 26K - 03:00:00
26K Run with 5K Speed Work
The Bremen Marathon now three weeks away, I took off on a long run Sunday and managed to get in 26K which included a 4K warm up, 5K sprint (24:34), and 17K at marathon pace. Gisi and Hannah joined me at 15K and ran out with me 4.5K and back which gave them a 9K training run. Karla has a race on Wednesday for school so is resting up for that. It was very nice weather to run in: two sprinkles to cool down the roads but warm enough to run in shorts and a t-shirt. In any case, we are raring up to rock the Bremen marathon and 10K races in three weeks. 
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short rain just before the 5K cooled down the track: 
5K starting line: 
5K finish: 
Gisi and Hannah joined me at 15K: 
city running: