Sat, Mar 24, 2018 - 10K - 01:14:32
Störitzsee 10K Lauf with Hannah and Gisi
As part of Hannah's plan to run a 10K every month, we signed up for the Störitzsee 10K Lauf, which happens to be where Hannah spent a week at a school camp once, so at least we remembered how to arrive at the secluded lake out in the middle of the forest. Since Gisi and I will be running the Hamburg Half Marathon in one month, she decided to run it with us as a training run.  
While it was perfect running weather: very cool and dry, a few more degrees would have been nice for before and after the race. While our race started at 11:30, there were runners already running since six o'clock in the morning, doing the 50K, 100K and 12-hour run, many of them running past with a kind of meditative trance look.  
Hannah and I took off in front of Gisi, Hannah keeping a 7-minute-per-kilometer pace for most of the race, Gisi catching us right at 5K with her constant 6:38-kilometer pace, and was long gone by 6K.  
The 10K was two 5K loops and during the second loop Hannah and I had fewer runners around us which turned out to be a peaceful, quiet run through a sweet-smelling forest in cool air, really optimal running conditions. Hannah finished with her traditional sprint with a 01:14:32, Gisi having finished long before us with a 01:06:24. 
To the motto "showing up is half of success", Hannah got first place again in her age category being the only girl under 16 to run, a 15-year-old boy ran, but he came in with a 35:24 (!).  
In general, this race is comprised mostly of serious and fast runners of this type who are in running clubs, but since in this 10K everyone runs two times around a 5K loop, and you have people running in all age categories from U16 to M85, I would say anyone can run this race and not be left alone to run by themselves in the forest, as there will always be someone in front and behind you.