Mon, May 24, 2021 - 11K - 00:26:28
5K IKEA Timed Run (26:28)
Today was Monday and a holiday so Gisi and I did the swimming thing again, signing up the night before online paying with Visa card, this time for 9:15 instead of 7:00, and so I ran my 5K before the swim, which is much nicer, to be finished with running and then look forward to diving into cool water. I arrived right on time at 9:15 as Gisi was at the front of the line so we went in together, showing our negative Corona tests on our phones. I swam pretty hard and felt it in my arms the next day, but only 12 laps after which we played in the shallow pool but the temperature was never really warm even with the sun mostly out but often hiding behind clouds making it quite cool, so we got out after about ten minutes. Looking forward to warmer days.